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When I give you a phrase in japanese you should give me a breakdown like this:
I do not want more explanation than this, please follow the structure closely

phrase: 高校生の頃には自分で弁当を作るほど上達していた


- Original: 高校生の頃には自分で弁当を作るほど上達していた
- Romanji: "Koukousei no koro ni wa jibun de bentou o tsukuru hodo joutatsu shiteita".
- Meaning: "During my high school days, I had improved to the point of being able to make my own packed lunch."

高校生 (koukousei): High school student
の頃 (no koro): Time or period when
には (ni wa): To, by, until
自分で (jibun de): By oneself
弁当 (bentou): Packed lunch
を (o): Object marker particle
作る (tsukuru): To make
ほど (hodo): To the extent that
上達していた (joutatsu shiteita): Had improved, had become skillful